In 1999, General Electric purchased Salt Lake City based OEC, which was founded in 1942. As OEC evolved over the years with partners and products, the decision was made to utilize a distributor sales model- similar to offering local franchises.  A few of the many benefits associated with independent distributors is the ability to combine product portfolios, foster and maintain existing local relationships, maximize existing “feet on the street” and gain access to an instant diverse go-to-market infrastructure. Similar to an auto manufacturer, you don’t purchase directly from the factory.  To purchase directly from the manufacturer, you work with your local authorized dealership. Furthermore, purchasing a particular vehicle from a non-direct, non-authorized dealership is not a direct purchase from the original manufacturer, nor is the product supported by the original manufacturer.  OEC distributors like TSS are your local-exclusive and direct dealerships for GE OEC products. Beware of those who claim to be “distributors” of OEC products vs. distributors who are exclusive, direct and authorized partners of GE OEC.  Talley Surgical Solutions is the direct, exclusive and authorized GE OEC partner supporting Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas and Oklahoma.

Ket Talley

President/Region Manager- AZ, S. Nevada, Oklahoma, West Texas and New Mexico